Easy Exit

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Get on your way faster with Norfolk International Airport’s express lanes!

Travelers have the choice of a self-exiting card swipe transaction or the personal convenience of cashier service. All designed to get you on the road quickly and efficiently!

Simply insert your parking ticket into the machine along with your credit card, and the transaction is completed, you’re issued a receipt and you’re on your way!

Express Credit Card Exit lanes are available in Garages A, B, C, Surface Lot D and the East Surface Lot.

Special Notice:

  • Due to incompatible card design the American Express Centurion (black) card and American Express translucent (clear) card are not accepted.
  • Express Exits are not available in the short-term lots on either side of the main departures terminal.
  • Machines will not accept damaged tickets. See a cashier for quick service.

Accepting all major credit card and debit cards.