Master Plan Update

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The Norfolk Airport Authority has prepared a Master Plan Update for Norfolk International Airport. The Authority undertook the Master Plan Update to account for numerous changes that have taken place at the Airport, in the aviation industry, and in the Coastal Virginia region since completion of the Airport’s 1995 Master Plan Update. These changes include the Authority’s completion of several major Airport development projects—including the expanded parking garage and the new arrivals terminal. They also include ongoing changes in the character of aviation activity at the Airport.

An Airport Master Plan is a tool used to analyze market trends, assess facility requirements to accommodate anticipated growth, and guide future airport development. The Norfolk International Airport Master Plan was most recently updated in December 2008 and is intended to provide the Authority with a plan that identifies necessary capital improvements. The current update includes projects that will extend the useful life and value of the Airport to meet the air transportation needs of the Coastal Virginia region through 2024.

The following work was completed to prepare the Master Plan Update:

  • Evaluated the existing conditions of Airport facilities and determined future needs based on those conditions.
  • Developed forecasts of aviation demand.
  • Assessed facility requirements to accommodate forecast demand.
  • Evaluated various runway configurations, including a proposed parallel runway, to best serve Airport users while meeting federal guidelines.
  • Evaluated potential environmental and financial impacts associated with recommended improvements.
  • Updated the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) to clearly depict needed improvements and serve as a development guide for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Authority.
  • Identified and considered emerging aviation trends.
  • Established flexibility in the plan to meet evolving needs.
  • Established and encouraged community involvement.

Download the executive summary of the Master Plan Update and results.