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Imagine getting off the plane in Norfolk and finding a friendly face there to welcome you with advice, information or assistance - what a wonderful impression of our city that would create. That is why we have a community service called The Airport Ambassador Program. An Ambassador's role is to help create that first impression. This includes welcoming and directing passengers, explaining airport facilities, assisting travelers with special needs and giving general directions in and around the airport. Overall, Ambassadors at Norfolk International Airport help provide a safe, efficient and friendly experience for passengers and visitors. 


Ambassadors are required to attend training sessions to familiarize them with the location of passenger support facilities, airport emergency procedures and functional areas of responsibility of aviation department and tenant staff. Additionally, on-the-job training will help Airport Ambassadors better understand how to use the information and tools to perform their duties.


For donating their time, Ambassadors receive more than just the gratitude of those they help, the appreciation of the community or the enjoyment of the position.

Other rewards include complimentary parking, a uniform, light refreshments, outings, and on-going training.



For more information about volunteer openings in the Airport Ambassador Program and to see if it's right for you, contact Pamela Kern at 757-857-3982.