Services for Disabled

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Norfolk International Airport is fully accessible to handicapped travelers, and provides the following features and equipment to allow greater ease of movement for non-ambulatory travelers.

Parking Lots and Garages - Special ramps to accommodate wheelchair travel are located at both short-term parking lots flanking the airport terminal as well as long-term parking lots and garages. Also convenient parking spaces are reserved for the handicapped in all parking lots and garages.

Departures and Arrivals Terminals - Ramps are also provided curbside at both complexes.

Doors - Terminal entrances and exits on both Arrival and Departure sides are equipped with automatic double doors, and door widths are designed to easily accommodate wheelchairs.

Elevators - Elevators are conveniently located throughout the Main Passenger Terminal, Arrivals (baggage claim) Terminal, and parking garages. All elevators are identified with the standard graphics used to designate handicapped facilities, and are equipped with raised markings on the control buttons.

Restrooms - All restrooms feature one cubicle with a raised toilet seat designed primarily for non-ambulatory use. Their dimensions are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and are equipped with handrails. Restrooms are also equipped with full-length mirrors and low-level paper towel dispensers/hand dryers.

Drinking Fountains - Water fountains throughout the terminals are positioned at a level comfortable for use from a wheelchair.

Wheelchairs - Upon request, the airlines will provide wheelchair assistance to any passenger who needs it. Wheelchairs can be reserved in advance by calling the airline carrier on which you plan to travel. Wheelchairs can also be obtained upon arrival at the passenger terminal.

Wheelchair accommodations and skycap assistance can be pre-arranged by calling the airlines:

800-433-7300 - American

800-221-1212 - Delta

800-435-9792 - Southwest

800-241-6522 - United

Passenger Loading Bridges - The use of modern terminal-to-plane loaders permits direct access to and from the aircraft, in most cases, without the necessity of ascending or descending steps between plane and terminal. Contact your airline to inquire about special lift capability for their aircraft in the event of ground loading.

Mobility Aids - Walkers, crutches, and canes may be taken aboard the aircraft. Guide dogs are usually allowed to travel on the plane with you. Call the airline in advance to verify their policy and to make arrangements.

Continuing efforts are being made at Norfolk International Airport to insure that travel procedures for all passengers may be accomplished with maximum ease and safety.

TTY Telephone - A TTY (text telephone) is available and accessible 24 hours daily in the Norfolk Airport Authority Police dispatcher's office (basement level in the main terminal).  The local phone number is 757-857-3872.

Ground Transportation - Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon request with at least a 48 hour notice. This service is provided by James River Transportation through an independent operator who is insured and is properly licensed through the State of Virginia.  For information on rates and reservation, contact James River Transportation toll free at 866-823-4626.

Additional Information regarding facilities at Norfolk International Airport for travelers with disabilities may be found at