Taxi Cab Companies

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Taxi Cab service is ready and waiting at Norfolk International Airport. Located just outside the baggage claim lobby, they're ready to leave as soon as your luggage is loaded. Service is provided directly to your destination.

Five persons can ride for the price of one as long as they are going to the same destination. Payment may be made by cash, and in some instances credit cards and corporate charge accounts are available.

Please contact the companies below for more details

Taxi Services
Andy’s Cab Co. (757) 461-8880
Black and White (757) 855-4444
City Wide Cabs (757) 319-3368
Duke Cab Co. (757) 202-3564
East Side Cabs (757) 718-0937
Eden Cab Co. (757) 724-5555
Norfolk Checker (757) 855-3333
Oceanside Taxi (757) 455-7602
Southside Cab Co. (757) 735-2198
Waterside Taxi Company Inc. (757) 531-6430
Yellow Cab of Norfolk (757) 857-8888