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_ North Lot _ _ East Lot _ Garage A _(Level 3-8)_ Garage A _(Level 1)_ _Garage B _ _ Reservations – Level 1 _ _ Pick Up – Level G_ _ Return – Level 2_ _ South Lot _ _Main Departures Terminal _ _Arrivals Terminal / Baggage Claim_ _ Garage C _

Norfolk International Airport is located one mile east of Interstate 64 Exit 279-Norview Avenue at 2200 Norview Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23518

Where to Park

Short-term Parking
Ideal for passenger pick-up and drop-off

$1.00 per each half hour, or any part thereof, $24.00 maximum per day
North Lot, South Lot, Garage A
Long-term Parking
Ideal for extended trips
$1.00 per each half hour, or any part thereof, $10.00 maximum per day
East Lot (includes oversized vehicle parking), Garage A, B and C






Parking Lot Assistance

Parking facilities at Norfolk International Airport are designed to be safe, convenient and efficient. All lots and garages are within a short walk of the Arrivals and Departures terminals.

There are presently two short-term lots, and one long-term lot adjacent to the Departures Terminal. Both short-term and long-term parking are available in Garage A. Long-term parking is also available in the adjoining Garages B and C.

Long-term parking for oversized vehicles is available in the Long Term East parking lot. 

  • Maximum height allowances: Garage A 8' 1", Garages B and C 6' 7"
  • Maximum length allowance: vehicles cannot exceed the length of one parking space

Maximum stay in short-term parking is 30 days; 60 days in long-term parking.

In lieu of a cell phone waiting lot, patrons may park curbside at the Arrivals Terminal to wait for arriving passengers. Vehicles must be attended at all times; there is no minimum or maximum wait time.   

Service response phones are available in all parking garages. Security guards are on duty 24 hours daily. Battery jump assistance and security escort service between the terminals and parking facilities is also available.

Special ramps to accommodate wheelchair travel are located at both short-term parking lots flanking the airport terminal as well as long-term parking lots and garages. Convenient parking spaces are reserved for the handicapped in all parking lots and garages.


Forms of Payment

Cashier and credit card self-service lanes are open 24 hours/day and accept all major credit cards.  We accept VISA and Master Card debit cards that can be processed as credit cards. Debit cards cannot be used if a PIN number is required.


Parking Administration

Questions or comments regarding parking should be made through the Parking Administration Office at (757) 857-3348, or call (757) 857-3340 for recorded parking information. The Parking Adminstration office is located on the second floor of the Arrivals Terminal above Baggage Claim 5 and is open 24 hours/day.