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Wearing face masks in airport terminals is recommended by the CDC but is not mandatory.

Strategic Plan: Goals and Objectives

Select a tab below to view progress for each Strategic Plan goal. Updated 4/25/22

Objective 1A Optimize our organizational structure23%
Objective 1B:Better engage our employees35%
Objective 1C:Foster a culture of transparency, and strong communications, where information is shared and voices are heard30%
Objective 1D:Create a formal employee training and development program0%
Objective 1E:Hire and retain diverse, qualified, and competent employees17%

Objective 2A Increase customer and passenger satisfaction; improve customer experience.29%
Objective 2BIncrease air service offerings and expand direct flight destinations18%
Objective 2C:Identify and capitalize on economic development opportunities0%
Objective 3A (Diversity): Assess the Diversity of the Authority42%
Objective 3B:(Equity): Ensure applicants and employees are treated fairly and given equal opportunities12%
Objective 3C:(Inclusion): Create an Inclusive Work Culture0%
Objective 3D:Enhance Small Business Participation0%
Objective 3E:Improve physical and mental accessibility into and throughout our facilities24%
Objective 4A Enhance the Passenger Experience20%
Objective 4B:Expand and Diversify Revenue Sources2%
Objective 4C:Increase our infrastructure reliability, sustainability, and resiliency; decrease our environmental footprint22%