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NAA Board Meeting Public Comment Request Form

Public Comment Guidelines:
Public comments are granted by the Board as a part of regular Board meetings.  Public comments are provided as a legitimate means for a citizen to address the Chairman of the Board about any issues on the agenda or concerns(s) regarding the Airport not listed on the agenda.  Board meetings are not provided as a question and answer period or for interchange between the Board and the speaker/citizen.

The Board may not respond to the speaker’s remark(s) at the time they are given.  This gives the members of the Board and the Executive Director an opportunity for further study, investigation, and deliberation, as necessary.  If further action has been requested by the speaker, they will be contacted at a future date.

Members of the public who desires to comment must complete an NAA Board Meeting Public Comment Request Form at least 15 minutes before the meeting.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions once the presentation has concluded and the Board has had an opportunity to ask initial questions.  At that time, the Chairman will ask if there are members of the public who wish to comment.

Public Comment Rules of Conduct:

  1. Each speaker is required to state his/her name to be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
  2. No person shall engage in disruptive, discourteous, belligerent, impertinent, threatening, disparaging, otherwise uncivil behavior.
  3. A 3-minute time limit is imposed on each speaker unless the Chairman agrees to extend the time.